T’ai Chi Chih

Relaxing | Balancing | Centering

T’ai Chi Chih is a series of 20 energizing movements based on Chinese healing principles. It is an effective form of moving meditation emphasizing self awareness, health and energy flow. Recommended for weight and blood pressure control, relief from stress, body toning, and increased mental and physical well being.  T’ai Chi Chih has been called “serenity in the midst of activity”.   Very little space is required, no special equipment or clothing is needed.  Regular practice can bring you untold rewards

Spring Evening Class – 2019

 6 Week Evening class through Metro Continuing Education starts: Thursday, April 18- May 23 , 7-8 pm. Call 780 428-1111 to register or Sharon at 780 288-2004 for more information. 

Spring day time class: 6 week noon hour class at Capilano Community Hall 12-1 pm. Call Sharon at 780 288-2004    to register 

       Yin and Yang with Lady Doing Demo