What are some of the benefits of doing Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is becoming more and more popular as it fills a much needed demand in our modern world.  We know we need to relax and reduce our stress, but how do we do it?  Tai Chi gives us a roadmap, a blueprint, a way to slow down, let our energy flow, boost our circulation, and quiet our ever busy minds.  Tai Chi also goes beyond this, to help recapture a timeless sense of peacefulness and grace, tone the body, and recharge our batteries, giving us our best line of defense  in the face of stressful situations.  Research shows Tai Chi to be one of the best exercises for balance and co-ordination and is often recommended for back and circulatory problems.  Called the “effort of no effort ,” or the “art of nonstriving,” Tai Chi practice is like a refreshing walk in nature!!!