Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

Hi everyone, It’s been an up and down winter here in Edmonton.  We are looking forward to spring, to sitting outside with a cup of tea and planting flowers and taking long walks along the beautiful river valley.  And, oh yes, to practicing Tai Chi outside wherever you happen to wander !

Tai Chi is portable, you can take it with you everywhere !  If you practice in beautiful places all spring and summer, you take that outside Chi/Energy with you through the winter and it helps to inform your practice.

Remember as you do the slow movements that your energy follows your intention.  Let your intention and your awareness be in the lovely present moment.  Let other things drop away as they come up and keep coming back to your focus, your rootedness, your slow shift of weight from full to empty leg.  Let go, so you can reconnect with the sense of peace and relaxation that is Tai Chi Chih movement, that is Dance Tai Chi movement.  Let’s gently move into Spring  !!

Relax With Tai Chi

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