The ABC’s of Tai CHi

Hi Everyone,

I’d like to say a few words to help  learn Tai Chi whichever form you are interested in, but especially for my fall Tai Chi Chih students.

A is for being aware  for having  relaxed attention, as we slowly and gently practice these age old, beautiful moves.  Tai Chi is a moving meditation and gives us the gifts that meditation has to offer like relaxation and relieving stress, and improved health. Your first awareness is on your sense of being rooted to the earth, or “developing your root”

B is for balance, studies show that practicing Tai Chi is one of the best things we can do to improve our balance, and better balance means going through our day with less stress and more enjoyment of being in the present moment.  When you first begin learning Tai Chi often you may feel your balance is poor, stay with it, that can improve  quickly.  is also for breathing.  In the beginning, remember to “let your breath be”, it will adjust of its own accord to the movements of Tai Chi.  We will talk more about breathing as the weeks go on.

C is for feeling calm and centered  as we do Tai Chi and taking that with us into the rest of the day like a pebble spreads ripples throughout the pond or lake.  Think of weaving strands of calm into each Tai Chi movement.

Aware, Balance, and Calm.  Tai Chi’s gift to us in a busy, often stressful day.  Take the time to practice your ABC’s

Until next time, enjoy the day and your Tai Chi practice !   Sharon Melvin






















































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